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As a local Erie business, we want to see our community thrive. Recycling your glass bottles and jars can help!

Our free Glass Recycling Drop-Off Program is just the first step in building stronger infrastructure for glass recycling in Northwest Pennsylvania.

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Glass Recycling Lifecycle: from consumer to recycling, to manufacturing and back to a store shelf.

We’re rolling out big things this year.

You’ll have more options starting later this year with glass recycling right at your doorstep. You heard that right; by mid-2021, Prism will be expanding services to include convenient residential curbside subscriptions and commercial pick-up. Keep an eye on our website, or even better, sign up for our newsletter to know when curbside glass recycling will be available to you.

What can you recycle?

Drop-off your glass bottles and jars (any color) used for food, beverages, candles, perfumes or colognes at any of our 15 drop-off boxes located across Erie County, PA. Containers must be rinsed of residue and free of corks, caps, and lids. We cannot take other glass products because they are made or composed differently than container glass. Learn about glass items we cannot recycle and why.

Food Bottles & Jars

Food & Beverage

Perfume Bottles

Fragrance & Oils

Candle Jars

Candle Jars

For large drop-off needs, please contact us at

Our Partnerships

We’ve partnered with local municipalities, organizations, and industry experts to help build stronger infrastructure for glass recycling in our region. Through these strategic partnerships, we can ensure our services are scalable, sustainable, and supportive for our community.

Erie Managment Group
Erie County Recycling Program
Erie Area Council of Governments
Cap Glass
Cap Glass
PRO Transfer & Recovery

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