Introducing the Glass Recycling Event Kit

Events can mean tons of recyclable materials ending up in the trash creating heavier, bulkier waste bags and more of them. Keep heavy glass out of your waste stream, and local landfills, with Prism.

Commercial Glass Recycling Now Available

Sign up for simple and convenient glass recycling to reduce your waste costs and ecological footprint. Prism commercial services include flexible volume plans to meet the needs of any size business.

Updated Erie County Glass Drop-Off Locations

We’re always looking for ways to make our free glass drop-off locations more effective. That’s why we monitor volume and traffic, adjusting each location to provide the best coverage for our participants. See our map to stay updated on our latest locations.

Commercial Glass Recycling Collection

Commercial glass recycling, simple and convenient. No long-term contracts, hidden fees or unexpected service charges.

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Glass Recycling Event Kit

Improve your event waste management with lighter, safer to handle bags by keeping glass out of the trash.

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Window Glass

Lighten the load on your commercial or residential demolition projects.

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What Can You Recycle?


Only glass bottles and jars (any color) used for food, beverages, candles, perfumes, or colognes are accepted at any of our drop-off locations. Containers must be rinsed of residue while lids, caps, and labels can stay on. Please do not put bags and boxes used to deliver glass into the drop-box. Please remember, place only glass bottles and jars in the drop boxes. Not all glass is the same, learn about glass items we cannot recycle and why.


Check availability and get directions to any of our free glass recycling drop-off locations.

Erie County

What can you recycle?


Save money on disposal fees on your construction or demolition jobs by separating glass windows from other refuse. We accept tempered and non-tempered window glass without frames or banding. However, we do not accept laminated, auto glass, safety glass or glass with tinted film. Please Contact us to learn more about the process and fees as well as large drop-offs.

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Illustration of Prism event kit bins.

What can you recycle?

For large drop-off needs, please contact us at

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Food Bottles & Jars

Food & Beverage

Perfume Bottles

Fragrance & Oils

Candle Jars

Candle Jars

Our Partnerships

We’ve partnered with local municipalities, organizations, and industry experts to help build stronger infrastructure for glass recycling in our region. Through these strategic partnerships, we can ensure our services are scalable, sustainable, and supportive for our community.

Erie County Recycling Program
Cap Glass
Pro Waste Services
O-I Glass