Consulting Services

Would you like to keep glass out of the trash at your business, in your neighborhood, or in your entire municipality? We can help.

Erie Management Group

We can help you receive the full benefit of keeping an infinitely recyclable material in the recycling loop by closing gaps and addressing concerns.

Erie Management Group

We can help you connect the dots to innovate existing programs, unite key stakeholders, and execute plans with lasting impact.

Erie Management Group

Do you have a passion for glass recycling and would like to help us in some way? Let’s connect.



We offer a wide range of consulting services and are eager to assist you with your next initiative. Contact us to get started.

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Our Partnerships

We’ve partnered with local municipalities, organizations, and industry experts to help build stronger infrastructure for glass recycling in our region. Through these strategic partnerships, we can ensure our services are scalable, sustainable, and supportive for our community.

Erie Management Group
Erie County Recycling Program
Erie Area Council of Governments
Cap Glass
Glass Recycling Foundation
Pro Transfer & Recovery
O-I Glass
Ardagh Group