Support Local Green Establishments

We are proud to serve a growing number of local businesses that choose to recycle glass and go the extra mile for sustainability. Recycling is important – choose a partner that shares your values.


  1. You know that they are committed to recycling
  2. They support PA jobs, as does your patronage of that business
  1. Encourages other businesses to participate in glass recycling
  2. It’s sustainable

Benefits Of Glass Recycling


Removing glass from your waste stream can help you better control your waste-related costs by reducing the weight & frequency of trash pickups. Recycling your glass bottles and jars also helps keep jobs in northwest Pennsylvania.
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Our Partnerships

We’ve partnered with local municipalities, organizations, and industry experts to help build stronger infrastructure for glass recycling in our region. Through these strategic partnerships, we can ensure our services are scalable, sustainable, and supportive for our community.

Erie Management Group
Erie County Recycling Program
Erie Area Council of Governments
Cap Glass
Glass Recycling Foundation
Pro Transfer & Recovery
O-I Glass
Ardagh Group